Are you thinking of taking some time to travel this summer? Perhaps you are searching for a new place to call home. Arizona is a fantastic travel destination; the residents couldn’t agree more. Here are some of our favorite spots in Arizona and some basic info on each. 

Scottsdale is Luxury

Scottsdale is a premier location for those looking to retire to a well-rounded, quiet yet scenic area. 250,000 People call Scottsdale home. There are top-rated dining and shopping districts. This area also has a heavy suburban feel, making it a desired location for wealthy entrepreneurs. The average income per household here is almost half of a million dollars. 

Besides being an excellent place to retire, with over 200 golf courses, and a prominent nightlife – the schools are top-rated. There are many job opportunities in Scottsdale. It is a great place to start your own business or plan for your first home. The public school system in Scottsdale is consistently being praised. Most parents believe the school system rating of a new residence is essential before moving.

Even if you’re just looking to roll through the city in your RV, you’re bound to enjoy your time in Scottsdale. Scottsdale is located right outside of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, which sees more tourism, to begin with. And when you’re rolling through the desert, you pay attention to the few yet warming rolling mountains in the distance. 

For Affordability, Mesa is Your Answer

Mesa, Arizona is one of the more popular destinations to settle down in the state. There is a suburban feel matched with affordable housing. The average home in Mesa is around $250,000 for a 2 bedroom home. However, if you’re looking to rent as opposed to own, you may be in luck. Apartments for rent in Mesa average around $1,500 a month. That price includes 2 bedrooms. 

We’ve all been feeling the pressures of rising prices during these early summer months. Rent prices, along with almost every other commodity, are on the rise. It’s difficult to find a safe area with a rent lower than $1,750 for a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere at this time. The affordability is not the only draw to Mesa. The weather is another benefit of living here.

The weather is warm year-round. There is a prominent desert climate in Mesa with days sitting at around 86 degrees. However, during the summertime, the weather can reach up to 105 degrees within a blink of an eye. But Mesa continues to be a great location to enjoy being outdoors. There are hiking trails and Saguaro Lake to kayak and raft. 

Phoenix for Good Vibes

About 1.5 million people call Phoenix home. The city is a hub for tourism. The city makes its most money from real – estate and insurance. In the 1950s, access to air conditioning helped offset the heat of desert living. The city soon began seeing homes go up all over the city which ignited the construction industry in the area. Phoenix soon become the standard for post-WWII living 

Today the city lives up to its rapid development, being the United State’s fifth-largest city. Phoenix is home to manufacturers ranging from home design to aerospace development. There is rapid job growth in the area. It is a great place to raise a family and offers excellent secondary education. Arizona State University and the University of Arizona College of Medicine are stationed in the city of Phoenix.

We would recommend any of these locations if you’re looking for a new place to call home. While you’re researching, be sure to check out what the local employment industry is like. A lot of focus is going into looking into your next apartment, so make sure to add some of these locations to the list!