Homeowners have been quick to adopt a different kind of flooring for the bedroom. Sometimes to make it a bit snazzier and others just to have something different.

Typically people would opt for a thick comfortable carpet when it comes to their resting room. It has been a choice for decades and is hard to argue with how great a carpet feels within the space. It’s a room that also does not suffer from heavy foot traffic or muddy shoes as much as others.

Whilst it is still a very viable option for the bedroom, do not discount luxury vinyl flooring for the bedroom either. It is an option that homeowners have discovered a natural comfort towards.


Offering your bedroom, a luxury vinyl option opens up many creative styles and bespoke tastes, which also give an authentic feel even though they are a replicated design over the real thing.

Depending on which bedroom you choose, vinyl offers plenty of key benefits to warrant laying it down. If you choose it for a child’s bedroom then you can rest assured that the anti-slip and scratch-resistant design of the planks and tiles are the perfect shields against anything your kids can drop, spill, or have accidents on.

Having the flooring offers a natural comfort underfoot even if barefoot at night and is naturally warm also. Much preferred for those midnight bathroom trips.

End of Day

When it comes to those bedtimes for the kids, Quick-Step luxury vinyl is the guardian towards their sleep you could wish for.

No matter what design or what style of implementation you aim for, luxury vinyl flooring does not creak, does not come unstuck and does not get affected by changes in temperature. Although it doesn’t feel like a genuine product, it does perfectly provide comfort and consistency in place of authentic texture. It looks no different than the real thing and people would be hard-pressed to discover it’s a replication of hardwood or stone flooring.


People change their carpet every few years, spend a fortune on keeping its colour and vibrancy or get rid of it completely due to an unsightly stain that cannot be cleaned out.

A reason for the luxury vinyl tile being brought to the bedroom is its protecting coatings against stains, spills, moisture, and scratches which provide so much assurance that most warranties run from 20 to 30 years – such is its perfection in design.

When it comes to your bedroom and a solution that doesn’t require you to tiptoe around the room, luxury vinyl flooring is the option that may seem out of place – but the comfort will never be.