People who love spicy food are daredevils of taste!  They want a lot of heat and enough flavor that can make their eyes and mouth simultaneously water.

If you have someone who loves spicy food but isn’t sure what you can do to surprise them: these are some of the best options out there!

Play A Version of Hot Ones

Hot Ones is one of the most popular YouTube channels out there, bringing in millions of views every time they upload a video.  On this channel, they host interviews where the person they’re talking to has to try hotter and hotter wings as the questions get more challenging.

Although you don’t have to quiz your loved ones, you can help them have a Hot One’s moment of their own!  Buy some new and spicy hot sauce flavors, try to keep them in order from most tolerable to hottest: and see how far each of you can go!  If you don’t want to eat a ton of hot wings, you can also do this with chicken nuggets! 

Get Them Sizzling Gifts

A spicy gift is a sweet way to show someone you understand their need for heat!  One of the top gifts this year is something that’s a great mix of sweet and hot: habanero jelly.  This jelly is tangy, sweet, spicy, and fantastic on everything from toast to burgers and chicken.

You can pair this with a meat and cheese basket if you want to go bigger, or get them a tee shirt of their favorite hot sauce brand with it!

Try New and Interesting Spicy Foods

There are new awesome and spicy foods coming out every year: so if you hear about something first, it’s a great idea to stage a surprise tasting for them soon!  From the hot and spicy chicken sandwich Wing Stop put out this fall to spicy chiltepin powder that can make any food lava-hot, help introduce them to new hot flavors when you find them!  If you don’t also like spicy foods, you can still find ways to enjoy meals with them; just make sure to get separate plates! 

Purse and Pocket-Sized Hot Sauce

There’s nothing as disappointing for a spicy-food-lover as biting into something they expect to be spicy: and realizing it’s mild.  Instead of letting them live a life of disappointment every time they eat out, get them a secret weapon for any meal.  Pocket and purse-sized hot sauces, also called sample bottles, are cute mini glass bottle versions of everyone’s favorite hot sauces!  Make sure to get a flavor they love, and consider buying a few for them so they’ll never run out of flavor when they need it most! 

Show Your Loved Ones You Get Them! 

If you really want to show someone you love them: show it through their interests!  Spicy food releases hormones that excite and make our hearts race faster, so help bring a spicy smile to their face with one of these ideas!