It’s all very well wanting to start or continue a hobby, but so many people cite lack of time as their reason for not doing it.

It’s also become more tricky in the last year or so, when lots more people have been working from home and found their work and personal lives merging.

Here are some simple ideas to think about using to make more time:

  1. Schedule in your diary

It’s really easy to just let time run away with you, and despite the best of intentions we never get round to doing a lot of things we need to do, never mind the ones we want to do.

Time-block in your diary or calendar slots in your day or week that you are going to dedicate to your hobby alone.

2. Join a group

Depending on your hobby, it’s worth finding a group of people to do it with. Not only do you have the social benefit, you’ll have a regular slot to make you feel committed to attending. A group may help you access tools or equipment you wouldn’t usually have.

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3. Stay away from your phone/social media

When engaging in time for your hobbies, it’s really easy to get distracted by your mobile. Unless you really need it next to you, try putting it in another room or turning off notifications. Try not to fall down a social media hole

4. Read about your hobby

It’s important to stay inspired and motivated. Read blogs, magazines, books etc about your hobby to keep you interested and help prioritise your time.

5. Watch less TV!

Similar to point 3 above – TV is a great eater of time!

6. Get an accountability partner

Team up with a friend or relative who’s into the same hobby and compare what you’re doing.

7.Set goals

For example, if you’re into sewing – make a goal of sewing a quilt in 6 months. Then break this down into simple steps and mini goals. Consider setting a monthly a weekly goal as well as a longer term one